Revenge Body

by Drumloop



Sweat Equity is thrilled to announce Revenge Body, the debut record from New York’s Daffy Scanlan under her Drumloop moniker. Covering 6 tracks of intimately crafted compositions, including a remix by Earthly’s Edaan Brook, the record is an expansive, nuanced journey in sound, and an indication of the artist’s remarkable talents.

Revenge Body unfolds like a narrative on love and loss, a winding pathway through heartbreak and confusion dotted with momentary pauses and intense, emotionally frank disclosures. “I quit the game,” Daffy sings in the last moments of Battery as the song floats away into the ether, as if the artist was speaking directly into the listener’s ear, a strange mix of confessional songcraft and ASMR. Even the cover of the Smashing Pumpkin’s 1979 feels autobiographical in some way, both a love letter to teenage ennui and deeply personal at the same time.

Scanlan’s work has long drawn on the lines between electronic and organic sonics. A skilled pianist as a child, she worked between analog gear and Fruity Loops throughout her youth, releasing harsh noise and power electronics on a string of labels. But it was after her suitcase was stolen, containing almost all of her music equipment was stolen last year that Scanlan dove deep into FL Studio, turning a trying moment into an opportunity for deep sonic exploration of the software. Exploring fragmented collage and pop stylings in equal measure, arriving at what has become her first EP as Drumloop.

The productions themselves accent this mode of story-telling, pieces that find their strength and potency in nuance and detail, accents and swells flecked with digital detritus and swirling waves of echo. The rising strings, and spare arrangements leave space for something like the ghost of a feeling, each flickering key stroke and reverb wash hinting at a space just beyond the song itself, as if the digital artifacts and signal processing employed were set ups for the sharp lyrical punches that dot the record.

Yet for as much as these pieces revel in detail and texture, their aim is direct at the heart, using these waves and walls of sound to reach towards broader emotions. It’s almost as if she’s picked up the pieces of a fractured love affair, and twisted them up into something almost intangible, an internal universe as distant and icy as it is endlessly engrossing. Like any real heartbreak, these are pieces that seem capable of endless obsession and reflection, even as they hover just out of reach.

Revenge Body is out July 20th.


released July 20, 2018

All Songs recorded and mixed by Daffy Scanlan
Album art by Angel Ultra
Styling by Women's History Museum
1979 Written by William Corrigan
KME Remix Written by Daffy Scanlan and Edaan Brook
All others written by Daffy Scanlan

Mastered by Andrew Nerviano


all rights reserved



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